Dealing with a Condescending Co-Worker

Have you ever been around someone in the workplace that feels the need to try to make you look bad? That would try to throw you under the bus and call you out just to make themselves appear better suited than you? It is uncalled for, tasteless, and not something to be tolerated. Here are a few tips to help you to deal with a condescending co-worker in the workplace.

  • Let the co-worker know that you do not appreciate the way he/she is talking to you. Feedback should be given constructively and not as a defense mechanism. Try to address the situation once you are calm and had some time to defuse from the uncomfortable behavior before letting the coworker know how you feel.
  • If the situation doesn't improve, remove yourself from the patterns of behavior he/she is displaying. That way you are setting a tone for what you are willing or not willing to accept.
  • Practice positive affirmation exercises, read inspirational messages and believe in yourself in a positive manner so that when it happens again, it will roll off of your shoulder with ease. If you motivate yourself, there is nothing anyone can say to put you down. "He who angers you conquers you"- unknown
  • Address it with your supervisor. Toxic relationships are hazardous towards employees getting their workload done efficiently and it decreases the morale in the work environment. It is up to your employer to ensure safety and positivity are encouraged and promoted in the organization. Give the workplace the opportunity to support you if it is causing you distress, as it may even prevent future conflicts from transpiring from this.
  • Lastly, consider having a third party involved to view the situation. Ensure the third party is neutral and that all involved willingly agree to participate voluntarily, confidentially, and with the end goal to resolve the conflict to reach an understanding.